Sedona Kiva House Stewards
Lin Ennis and Dr. Ellen Betts
at a Sedona-move planning session in Los Angeles,
one year before leaving for Sedona.

Lin is a communicator, with a background in teaching highschool and adult classes and training in corporate settings. She founded Editorium in Los Angeles in 1988—a writing, editing, graphic design and marketing consulting company specializing in corporate training and collateral materials, and network marketing training and media design.

Since 1998 she has focused almost entirely on developing and managing their investments and passive residual income, taking only a very select few clients for coaching in business expansion and problem solving.

She developed her expertise through a model she calls “excellence by paying attention,” and rose to the top of her field through persistence: “excellence by default” (stick around though others drop out).

Lin’s ambition is to be a continuously published author.

Her motto is “Strike while the iron is hot, or make the iron hot by striking!”

After a 15-year hospital emergency tech career, Ellen put herself through graduate school in clinical psychology and developed a private practice. She capitalized on her diagnostic expertise and keen analytical skills to move into the corporate sector, where she is one of only a handful globally who can do what she does.

She is a national administrator for a large behavioral healthcare HMO, with which she has the great fortune of telecommuting from glorious Sedona (and hosting many of her coworkers during their vacations!).

Her not-so-secret ambition is to be a standup comedienne or a professional golfer, but these pursuits remain at the amateur level while she works side-by-side with Lin to build their fortune in the real world.

Ellen’s goal upon retirement is to become more involved in local politics and spend her free time hiking, fishing and recreating in beautiful Red Rock Country.

Her motto is “Please don’t strike me while my iron is hot!”