a few tons of mixed rock and dirt

The beginning of the Rock Garden. May 27, 2003.



Lin on the rocks!

Lin moved every boulder, rock and inch of dirt. June 21—almost finished.


The garden is finished...we're still working on the paths.

The Garden. on July 24, 2003.
Ruth Zoerb made a birthday gift of the flowers,
most of which were purshased from Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed (they are all indigenous).
Ellen helped with the pathways, still in process.


In bloom are: Golden Tickseed, Pale Evening Primrose and Prairie Zinnia (L to R). August 30, 2003.


In Memorium: This Flame Flower (not confirmed native) was glorious.
It has been dug up twice, half eaten once, and almost completely eaten recently
(by mule deer, of course).
This photo was July 27, 2003.


More photos to come.