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The Kiva House
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we opened the door to what we later learned was known all over town as “the kiva house,” we knew we would buy this place. Not that we would ever own it. But we knew we could be its stewards—stewards of something great.

It’s not that the house itself contains any special energy; although, it may.

Nor is it that the animals or spirits surrounding it own it either; though, they may.

Curved Hallway - Click to enlarge Entryway - Links to Stairway
View from the front door down the 26-ft curved hallway. Click for larger view. And of the entry hall, looking from the living room back toward the front door (before we changed the flooring).

Looking for Exquisite Art: Sculpture • Painting • Weavings • etc. ...to grace this hallway. Must be narrower than 3', to accommodate the curve. Artists seeking to loan your work for exposure will receive the credit of your choice.


It’s about flow...

  • in and out
  • coming and going
  • giving and receiving
  • inhaling and exhaling



The breath of life.

Set in a triangle of three of the most powerful spiritual focal points of the area, and indeed of the whole country...an architect’s wonder and melodic play harmonizing with this bold Arizona setting... people have passed through The Kiva House for decades bringing their spirits and attracting everything lovely.

No one owns it and everyone belongs...and someone gets to pay the mortgage, mop the floors and buy the bath tissue.

So we live here...quietly...except when chopping wood, sending 300-lb yuccas to their afterlife, or exclaiming to one another over the glory of a sunset or the tenderness of families of bunnies and quail. “Look! Look!”   Click for local wildlife photos WILDLIFE

This is where you come in. If you are an artist, a musician, a thinker, a writer, a healer, a friend or any giver either to us or to the community, we would like to open our home to you for our mutual blessing and benefit. You may need a place to stay with a private bathroom and breathtaking views, or just a place to hang for an hour or an afternoon. And someone needs you. (You don’t still believe in coincidences, do you?)

Help us manifest a vision of abundance, change and exchange. Knowing that all-that-is can be transformed into anything else, because all is energy.

Money, art, talent, an armload of firewood, an interest in others, a special skill—all are equal in the universal scope of things. E = mc². Given enough time, everything changes form, whether we with our 100 years, or the cliffs around us with their millions.

Native Plant Garden
Opportunities to play outside abound. This is the elevated rock garden Lin built from several tons of debris excavated for the Methodist Church addition a few blocks away. Neighbors loaned tools.

Left: The casual, eat-at-the-counter kitchen is the “formal” dining room! It’s our hearth—where neighbor Robert Shields says everyone should gather...and we do!
Above: The view out the kitchen window for those who volunteer to cook or wash dishes. (Those who simply sit and eat get to look at those who cook and clean!) The UFO is complimentary.

We have simply chosen to make the exchange, the transformation, conscious.

It is our objective to attract creative, intelligent, poised people who desire to participate in flow. As friends if you live locally, and as visitors if you don’t.

If you want to hang out, there are many ways you may Click for Historycontribute to the community or to the house—in the same way that we are contributing. Be creative or come by and just “go with the flow.” After all, it is all about flow.

  • concert, either here or in town
  • healing practice
  • medicine wheel ceremony
  • teaching
  • intelligent conversation
  • a piece of pottery, painting or a wall-hanging
  • home construction or painting
  • skins for the kiva
  • donation to charity
  • meditative yard work, raking, weed pulling
  • meditative cooking (mmmmhh)
  • meditative cleaning, sweeping, dusting
  • meditative massage (mmmMMMMmmm)
  • an armful of firewood
  • meditative libations ;)
  • ceremonial instruments
  • anything exquisitely beautiful
  • your open soul (yes!)


Amy chopping wood

Help Amy chop wood by rolling your mouse over her picture, then off again.

Using a “grenade” and sledge hammer was a new and fun experience for Amy Reed, our first overnight guest. My hiking buddy from Los Angeles stopped by on her way to see her parents in New York.

Giving city folk a bit of a country experience is part of what we do here.

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Come hold a ceremony or help with maintenance on this exquisite place that houses the sacred energy that draws people here to heal and be healed, to teach and be taught, to bless and be blessed, to give and to receive.

Part of the “kiva,” showing the swirling smoke of the “fire” reaching the fingers of the purple heavens, reminiscent of Michelangelo’s “Creation.” The kiva is a place of emergence—both from a preceding world and into the next, or from the womb into this life, into a spiritual life, and then beyond. The intertwining “umbilical cords” are a modern emergence and transformation metaphor, replacing the typical ladder to the roof and the heavens.

We changed form to come into this world and we’ll change form when we leave it...the question is: what are we becoming while we’re here?

Kiva - painting by Trea Christopher Grey, with assistance from Kim Christensen


This is a place of transformation, a place of E-mergence, where you integrate (integrity) further with yourself to produce Energy.


No one who comes here wants to leave, and no one does leave...as they were.


All leave as someone else, each person changed by something they saw, learned, heard, felt or experienced.
Folks say they’re coming to visit us, but after the first time, we suspect they come to visit a new aspect of themselves.
How people who connect with each other here always show up at the same time is a constant delight.

We are stewards of the earth and all we receive, not its possessors.

Email us about what you would like to contribute and when you would like to be our guest in this Sedona retreat.*

Enjoy hiking, golfing, swimming, bicycling and the galleries and culinary delights of a 4500' high-desert vacation resort. We’ll provide a bed, on an as-available basis, and some simple food or snacks. “The Kiva House” has amazing views, a wood stove, a medicine wheel, a meditation room and...we add our fascinating personalities. :


The reflection on the left wall is from the stained glass window above the stairs.

Stairs to the upstairs bedroom with a queen-sized bed and down comforter. The sitting room portion of the upstairs serves as Ellen’s office from 8-5.

The upstairs has a private bath with tub and shower.

Faux finish by Andy & Melissa Sagara Kauderer.

Yes, the ceiling is purple. Any other questions?
The living room at Christmas
Gazebo in front of Elephant Rock
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The back yard opens to five acres of indigenous desert plants—owned by a neighbor. Only the gravel part, including the medicine wheel shown, is under our care—in case you decide to help with weeding or raking. ;) Outdoor living is popular in Arizona, and many times doubles the effective space of a homesite...and a great break from the city! We love mindlessly throwing white and black pebbles back into the driveway, red into paths and beige into the yard!


We anticipate many ceremonies, potlucks, parties, barbecues and social gatherings in this gorgeous setting.






Share our vision—everything is enough for all of us.

Share our mission—flow: always be giving, always be receiving.


email Ellen; email Lin, phone 928 282-9082
Updated October 5, 2005


Disclaimers: This is not a “bed and breakfast.” Ours is a private home that welcomes family, friends and friends to be:  Like-minded people who offer value for value, who want to participate in flow and abundance. If you, too, are stewards of the earth and all you receive, not its possessors, if you are interested in transformation and exchange, drop by to introduce yourself and watch the sunset.